First – Make a Plan, Understand What You Want to Say

branding, content

Before starting down the rabbit hole of marketing tactics, it’s very important to have a very clear communication framework to inform all the content you are going to build.

What makes your Company | Service | Product Different, Better and Special?
Focus on 3 things that define your business and brand.
How are you going to bring these 3 defining elements to life?

Think about tone.  Think about color.  Think about words.
Think about imagery.
What is your story?
What is your company the expert on?  What causes do you support?

Do research.
Who are the people who are influencers in your industry?  Identify top bloggers, reporters, thought leaders, celebrities. Think about how you would pitch them on your business.
When people are searching for your product or services, what do they search for?  Know your top 50 search terms and phrases, and input them into all of your content.
What are you an expert on?  How are you going to share your expertise?

Remember that people like to buy from other people.  Trust, credibility, the back story – it’s all important.

Once you’ve crystallized what is Different, Better, Special, and a direction on tone and imagery — be consistent!  It shouldn’t matter if it’s a Tweet, a Pin, or a blog post, your brand should always look and feel the same, regardless of the medium.

Make sure you own all of your brand’s social media assets, and that they are all connected to your website and blog:  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, Yelp.  If you have a common name, you may have to get creative, for example, for Ever After’s Pinterest account, we had to call it  It’s mostly accessed via a link or search, so as long as I have clear branding on the header, it’s fine.

Ever After Pinterest

OK, now that we’ve set up the communication framework, let’s start talking about creating marketing assets and content.

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